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Mawlynnong Car Rental

Mawlynnong Car Rental service provide taxi in Mawlynnong for sightseeing and tour packages for Mawlynnong.

We provide taxi services from Guwahati Airport and Guwahati Railway Station to Mawlynnong in a cheap rate. Mawlynnong car rental service for local travel for car hire in Mawlynnong. Mawlynnong taxi fare list is provided for local and outstation hiring from Mawlynnong.

Mawlynnong tour packages covers Mawlynnong tour plan , Mawlynnong honeymoon tour packages , Mawlynnong village tourism, Mawlynnong tour plan guide, Mawlynnong sightseeing tour packages make my trip, Mawlynnong tourism places to visit and Mawlynnong tour packages.

Other travel agents in Mawlynnong who provide tour package to Mawlynnong to Guwahati are Yatra, Heena Tours, Kesari, Thomas Cook, Travel Triangle, Denzong Leisure, Thrillophilia, Traveloearth, hello travel and Thomas Cook. Our service Mawlynnong taxi fare and Mawlynnong taxi package. The best time to visit Mawlynnong is April to July.

Mawlynnong is a small village located in the East Khasi Hills district of Meghalaya, India, known for its cleanliness and eco-friendly practices. The village is a popular tourist destination, attracting visitors from all over the world who are interested in learning about the culture and customs of the Khasi people.

One of the best ways to explore Mawlynnong and the surrounding area is by hiring a local taxi. The drivers are knowledgeable about the village and the surrounding area, and can take you to all the major attractions and hidden gems.

Some of the must-see sights in and around Mawlynnong include:

  • The Living Root Bridge: A unique bridge made out of living tree roots, which is a testimony to the ingenuity of the Khasi people.

  • The Sky Walk: A wooden bridge that offers breathtaking views of the surrounding forests and valleys.

  • The Mawlynnong Waterfall: A beautiful waterfall located just outside the village.

  • The Balancing Rock: A large boulder that appears to be precariously balanced on a small rock, defying the laws of gravity.

  • The Dawki River: A beautiful river that forms the border between India and Bangladesh, and is popular for boating and fishing.

Hiring a taxi in Mawlynnong is easy and affordable. You can find a taxi at the village entrance, or you can book one in advance through your hotel or tour operator.

Overall, hiring a taxi in Mawlynnong is a great way to explore the village and its surroundings, while also supporting the local community. So, plan a visit and take a tour with a local taxi driver to make the most of your trip to Mawlynnong.


Q: What is Mawlynnong Taxi?

A: Mawlynnong Taxi is a transportation service that provides taxi rides to and from the village of Mawlynnong in India.

Q: How do I book a ride with Mawlynnong Taxi?

A: You can book a ride with Mawlynnong Taxi by calling the local taxi operator or by booking online through the Mawlynnong Taxi website.

Q: What type of vehicles does Mawlynnong Taxi have?

A: Mawlynnong Taxi has a fleet of clean, well-maintained vehicles including cars, vans and buses to accommodate different group sizes.

Q: Are Mawlynnong Taxi drivers experienced and reliable?

A: Yes, Mawlynnong Taxi drivers are experienced and reliable. They are also familiar with the local area and can provide helpful advice and recommendations during your trip.

Q: Does Mawlynnong Taxi offer sightseeing tours?

A: Yes, Mawlynnong Taxi can arrange sightseeing tours of the local area, including visits to popular tourist attractions such as the Living Root Bridge.

Q: What are the rates for Mawlynnong Taxi service?

A: Rates for Mawlynnong Taxi service vary depending on the distance of the trip, the number of passengers, and the type of vehicle used. You can find the most up-to-date rate information on the Mawlynnong Taxi website or by calling the local taxi operator.

Q: Does Mawlynnong Taxi offer any special discounts or promotions?

A: Yes, Mawlynnong Taxi offers special discounts and promotions for bulk bookings and regular customers.

Q: Is Mawlynnong Taxi service available 24/7?

A: Yes, Mawlynnong Taxi service is available 24/7.

Q: Does Mawlynnong Taxi accept credit cards or other forms of electronic payment?

A: Yes, Mawlynnong Taxi accepts credit cards and other forms of electronic payment as well as cash payments.

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