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Sardar Sarovar Dam Car Rental

We provide you a best and quality taxi services in Sardar Sarovar Dam for tour packages, sightseeings and outstation taxi. Our packages are budget friendly and you can book as per your requirements. We provide all type of taxi & also provide taxi service from National or International Airport to Gujarat's different places in a competitive rate.Sardar Sarovar Dam car rental service for local travel for car hire in Sardar Sarovar Dam taxi service tourist destination, Taxi fare list is provided for local and outstation hiring from other places of Gujarat. We also provide tour packages covers honeymoon tour packages, tour plan guide, Sardar Sarovar Dam tour packages,Sardar Sarovar Dam tourism places to visit Sardar Sarovar Dam sightseeing packages. 

The Sardar Sarovar Dam is a massive hydroelectric dam located on the Narmada River in the Indian state of Gujarat. It is a major tourist attraction and offers a variety of activities for visitors to enjoy. One of the best ways to experience the dam and its surroundings is by taking a taxi tour.

Taxi tours of the Sardar Sarovar Dam are a convenient and comfortable way to explore the area. The tour will take you around the dam, giving you an opportunity to see the dam's massive structure up close and learn about its history and construction. The tour also includes a visit to the nearby Sardar Sarovar Dam View Point, which offers breathtaking views of the dam and the surrounding landscape.

In addition to the dam, the taxi tour also covers the famous Narmada canal and the gardens of Kevadia. The Narmada canal is a massive irrigation project that provides water to thousands of farms and villages in Gujarat. The gardens of Kevadia are a beautiful and tranquil oasis, with lush greenery and colorful flowers.

The taxi tour also covers the Statue of Unity, the world's tallest statue of Sardar Patel. The statue stands at an impressive height of 182 meters and offers visitors an incredible view of the surrounding area.

The tour lasts for around 3-4 hours and the taxi will pick you up from your hotel and drop you back. The tour guides are well-informed and knowledgeable, and they will provide you with all the information you need to make the most of your visit.

Overall, taking a taxi tour of the Sardar Sarovar Dam is a great way to experience this incredible piece of engineering and the surrounding area. It's a perfect combination of history, nature, and engineering marvel. Book your tour now and experience the beauty of the Sardar Sarovar Dam.


Q: What is included in the Sardar Sarovar Dam tour package?
A: The tour package includes transportation to and from the dam, guided tour of the dam and its facilities, and any additional activities or amenities offered by the tour company.

Q: How long does the tour last?
A: The duration of the tour will vary depending on the tour company and the specific itinerary, but it typically lasts for a full day.

Q: What is the best time to visit the Sardar Sarovar Dam?
A: The best time to visit the dam is between October and May, when the weather is more pleasant and the monsoon season has ended.

Q: Are there any age or fitness requirements for the tour?
A: There are no specific age or fitness requirements for the tour, but it does involve some walking and climbing stairs, so it may not be suitable for individuals with mobility issues.

Q: Are there any restrictions on photography or videography at the dam?
A: Photography and videography are generally allowed at the dam, but it is best to check with the tour company or the dam's management for any specific restrictions.

Q: Are there any safety precautions to be taken during the tour?
A: Safety precautions will vary depending on the tour company and the specific itinerary, but it is always important to follow the instructions of the tour guide and take necessary safety measures such as wearing proper shoes, etc.

Q: Is any special permission required for the tour?
A: Yes, you will need to get permission from the concerned authorities to visit the Dam.

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