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Varanasi Car Rental

Holiday Experts provide you a best taxi Services in Varanasi. We do believe in quality rather than a price.We supply best quality online taxi service in Varanasi for tour packages and sightseeing, local and outstation taxi. We provide all types of car & also provide taxi service from Lucknow to Varanasi's popular tourist destination. Our services are always budget friendly and you can easily book as per as your requirement. Varanasi car rental services provides you a best and quality services. Taxi fare list is provide for local and outstation hiring from other places of Uttar Pradesh, you can  book whole day luxury cab for this place. 

Feel free to book a cab from well known Company, NE Taxi. We are happy to help you!

Varanasi, also known as Benares or Kashi, is a city in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. It is considered one of the most sacred cities in Hinduism and attracts millions of pilgrims every year. The city is also known for its rich cultural heritage and beautiful ghats (steps leading down to a body of water) on the banks of the Ganges River.

If you're planning to visit Varanasi, one of the best ways to explore the city is by taxi. Taxis are readily available and can take you to all the major tourist destinations in the city, including the Kashi Vishwanath Temple, the Sarnath Buddhist Temple, and the Manikarnika and Harishchandra Ghats.

When hiring a taxi in Varanasi, it's important to negotiate the fare beforehand to avoid any confusion later. It's also recommended to hire a taxi from a reputable company, as some drivers may overcharge tourists.

Another option to consider is hiring a private driver who can take you around the city in a comfortable, air-conditioned car. This can be a more convenient and stress-free option, especially if you're traveling with a group or have a lot of luggage.

In addition, you can also hire a guide who can help you navigate the city and provide valuable information about the places you're visiting.

Overall, a taxi is a convenient and flexible way to explore Varanasi and its many cultural and historical attractions. Just be sure to negotiate the fare and hire from a reputable company to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience.


Q: What is included in the Varanasi tour package?
A: The package typically includes accommodation, transportation, guided tours, and meals. Specific details will vary depending on the tour provider.

Q: How long is the tour?
A: The duration of the tour will depend on the package chosen. Typically, tour packages range from 2-7 days.

Q: What are the must-see places in Varanasi?
A: Some popular tourist attractions in Varanasi include the Kashi Vishwanath Temple, Manikarnika Ghat, Sarnath, and Ramnagar Fort.

Q: What is the best time to visit Varanasi?
A: The best time to visit Varanasi is between October and March, when the weather is cool and pleasant.

Q: How can I book a tour package?
A: You can book a tour package through a travel agency or tour provider. You can also book online through their website or by contacting them directly.

Q: What is the cost of the tour package?
A: The cost of the tour package will depend on the package chosen, the duration of the tour, and the time of year. It's best to contact the tour provider for specific pricing information.

Q: Are there any additional fees?
A: Some tour providers may charge additional fees for certain activities or services. Be sure to check with the tour provider for a full list of included and additional costs.

Q: Are there any discounts available?
A: Some tour providers may offer discounts for groups or for booking early. Be sure to ask about any available discounts when booking your tour.

Q: Are meals included in the tour package?
A: It will depend on the tour package chosen. Some packages may include meals, while others may not. Be sure to check with the tour provider for specific details.

Q: Are there any dress code requirements for visiting temples and other religious sites in Varanasi?
A: Yes, it's important to dress modestly when visiting temples and other religious sites in Varanasi. Men should wear pants and a shirt that covers their shoulders, while women should wear pants or a long skirt and a blouse that covers their shoulders.

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